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What's for Breakfast?

We watched our gray cat Bailey catch and eat her breakfast while we were eating ours. We saw her stillness, then a swift jump in the grass, then carry to the edge, then chew it up. It was a breakfast made for a cat. Live, raw protein!

At our table, we were eating eggs produced by pastured hens--protein eggs with vitamins and minerals from hens' time in the dirt and on the grass. If 'you are what you eat,' I want to eat live eggs and not the dead ones from hens that never see the sun, produced in a vacuum. They might look similar inside--well, not as dark a yolk--but under a microscope, they are very different.

Some of our hens are molting, but we still have eggs in our Farm Center. For these really hot days, we put them inside a refrigerator for added protection. When the weather cools off again, the eggs will be on the table or on a shelf; we're thankful for the 'roll-away' nests that keep eggs clean and don't need washing, so the bloom is still on the shell, which keeps bacteria from entering the egg.

Did you know USA is the only country in the world that washes their eggs, thus need refrigeration. When we sell from the Farm, we can offer you eggs "sealed by the hen." This is 'science' and not 'fake news.'


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