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The Farmer & His Wife

One year ago, 2-22-20, Craig entered Upstate Hospital for a stent in his main artery that was 100% clogged. This genetic condition runs in his Peterson family. We're thankful he had an expert surgeon for the simple procedure on this Widow-maker' artery. With minimal damage to his heart and no high cholesterol or high blood pressure, he proceeded for heart therapy which he completed a couple weeks ago. He feels great and soon after his release from the hospital, he assumed farm chores, except for heavy lifting for a short time.

This past Thanksgiving, Elaine experienced extreme pain in her lower spine and hip due to a pinched nerve. After decompression therapy, the pain subsided. She is continuing with exercises and wearing a belt for decompressing the spine. She is looking forward to Spring for simple work around the farm.

We entered farm-life as a healthy retired couple and hope to continue as healthy and strong. Sometimes we have to weigh what we can and can no longer do, such as chicken butchering. We're glad we found a butcher so that we can still offer pastured chicken meat as good food for customers.

We are glad for occasional help around the farm, lightening the load for us. We're thankful for each one of you.

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