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Pastured Products for Health

Michael got his doctor's report--high cholesterol, high blood pressure, all downhill for his mid-age active lifestyle. Michael was determined to change his diet and as he read and searched, he found our farm.

After six months of eating our pastured products, Michael's cholesterol level went down 60-points and his blood pressure stabilized. His doctor said he'd never ever seen that drastic a change in a person's health. Michael continues to eat our pastured products and continues being healthy.

People are always confounded that Craig and I do not need pharmaceuticals for our health. As humans, we were made from soil and we are connected to the soil, so let's eat healthy products from healthy soil.

Twin Brook Camillus Farm pastures hens (for #eggs) and #broilers and #turkeys and raises grass-fed and yes!-grass-finished #beef. There are no chemicals on our soil, hence the grass is healthy for the animals and for you.

Be healthy! Eat #pastured #products for your health! If you're not sure what products you're getting, visit our farm at 5908 Bennetts Corners Road, Camillus, NY, just 1.7 miles north from Route 5 at the edge of West Camillus.


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