Eggs --Available inside Farm Center

$5 / dozen


Beef-- 2021 Price (Hay Price increase)

Freezer Trade ‘Hanging Weight’ per pound:

$5.50/#whole / $5.75/#half / $8.00/#quarter —      Needs to be ordered ahead  (twinbrook1902@gmail.com

Retail Beef (upon availability) Weight & Price marked, inside farm center freezer


Chicken  Meat

WHOLE Cornish Cross or Red Broiler                      

$4 per pound

—Available ‘fresh’ in summer; ‘frozen’ inside farm center.


Order ahead twinbrook1902@gmail.com

Turkey- 2021

WHOLE turkeys / ‘fresh’ Seasonal (Thanksgiving)  $5.50/pound for White Broad-Breasted & Brown-Breasted fast-growing pastured turkeys.

$6.00/pound for Narragansett 'Heritage Breed' (Pastured slow-growing)

(Order ahead twinbrook1902@gmail.com)

Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 6.22.09 PM.png


Waiting to see if sheep have been bred with our Ram.

Farm Center is open 24/7 ’self-service’ but we will assist you if you call or text ahead (Craig 315-380-8001)