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Eggs --Available inside Farm Center

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Beef Price

Freezer Trade ‘Hanging Weight’ per pound:
Needs to be ordered ahead  (
Retail Beef (upon availability) Weight & Price marked, inside farm center freezer


Chicken Meat

WHOLE Cornish Cross or Red Broiler                      
Contact us for pricing
—Available ‘fresh’ in summer; ‘frozen’ inside farm center.
Order ahead



WHOLE turkeys / ‘fresh’ Seasonal (Thanksgiving)

White Broad-Breasted & Brown-Breasted fast-growing pastured turkeys.
Narragansett 'Heritage Breed' (Pastured slow-growing)

(Order ahead

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Pricing for lamb

There are three costs involved when purchasing lamb from our farm:

  1. The cost of the lamb meat itself is paid to the farm.

  2. The cost of the slaughter

  3. The cost of the custom cut and wrap paid to the butcher shop. This varies based on your cut order

*Please note that due to the rapidly changing nature of the economy and multiple butcher shops, our website will not reflect the most current cut and wrap pricing.

It is important to remember that the price for your table cuts applies to ALL of your cuts so you are getting your ground lamb and your leg of lamb for the same price.

What kinds of cuts come with a lamb?
The short answer is, you get to choose! We recommend consulting a cut chart.  Call the butcher shop and ask them to help you choose your cuts. Due to the natural anatomy of the animal, it isn’t possible to get the whole animal into chops or roast. If you’re overwhelmed with decisions, just choose a “Standard Cut” and get the following cuts from your side of lamb.

Standard Lamb Cuts:

  • lamb chops

  • shoulder roasts

  • leg of lamb

  • neck roast

  • spare ribs

  • shanks

  • ground lamb


Katahdin is one of the best-flavor meat.

LAMB (1 year)          Hogget (14 mo-2 years)          Mutton (>2 years)


From hoof to carcass = 50% yield

From carcass to cuts = 75% yield


140 lb. lamb —> 46-49 lb. meat

[90 lb. lamb—>34 lb. meat] Aged—3-5 days

Farm Center is open 24/7 ‘self-service’ but we will assist you if you call or text ahead (Craig 315-380-8001)

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