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This is the beginning of a complex and wonderful plan and idea generated in the heart and mind of two previous farm-kids who set off into Asia for their first 35 years of married life.  After learning a new language and teaching and mentoring and writing strategy and policy and coordinating planning and raising three children and writing books and serving on numerous boards and acting as chairman of boards, it is now time to revitalize farmland received as an inheritance and to rejuvenate ourselves in soul and spirit.  Embarking on a new learning curve, we have "come home to roost" at our farm. 



We learned about Pro-Biotic farming in the Philippines. After reading and watching many U-Tubes about Dr. Higa's use of essential microorganisms in farming, we were sold on the technological benefits of pro-biotic farming through EM-1 and composted manures. Animals that graze on pasture benefit the soil biologically through regenerative farming methods.  

Our grass-finished beef are purchased as 'feeder calves' from a farmer who never feeds grain to them for weaning.  We raise them on pasture grasses and hay for two years until their frame is developed and their muscle is marbled with annual grasses planted especially for this purpose.  We have improved flavor and tenderness by intensely managing their paddocks.


Our greatest success during the Drought year of 2012 was our potatoes.  When potato bugs threatened the plants, I blended garlic and fresh basil leaves with oil and sprayed a solution over the leaves of the potatoes. It worked!  We didn't need pesticides to survive.  We are excited about an environmentally friendly way of farming!                              

We are surrounded by natural peppermint and spearmint teas, which we pick and dehydrate for use all winter long.  Our cattle love the watercress that grows naturally in our creeks.

We also dehydrate kale and Swiss chard and other greens.  Dehydration does not destroy enzymes or other nutrients in plants in the storage process.




Grass removes toxins from chicken meat and eggs. We provide healthy pastured chicken meat with awesome flavor from male chicks that we raise up.  


Our female chickens become hens that forage for bugs and greens and worms and flies, turning their food into dark-yolked eggs of various-colored shells. These eggs are rich in Omega-3 and riboflavin (B2) which show up as a greenish color in the egg white.


One doctor told us that's the only kind of egg that people should always eat.  People with allergies can eat our eggs.

Let your food be your medicine!


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