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Spring Farm Update 2019

We encourage you to plan ahead with us for meat for your freezer.  We must plan ahead in ordering baby chicks and poults, as well as planning butchers for the beef.

The following charts tells you when we’re planning what—(subject to change without notice).  

We will order baby chicks in a week, that’s March 7 (Friday), so if you’d like chicken meat, please reply with the number desired so that we know how many to order.

Due to hatchery availability, we must order EARLier than chicks appear on the farm, which will be May 31st.

BUTCHERING DATES for Chicken Meat:  COST:  $3.50 per pound, charging for the WHOLE chicken, so all will be weighed—the feet, the liver, whatever you get. + Butchering FEE of $2 per chicken.

  $3.25 per pound if you help butcher your own chicken, otherwise you pay someone else to butcher it.

ORDER by March 7, Friday:

July 6, Saturday—only 10 White Cornish Cross available as Tess is getting 30.

August 3, Saturday—30 Brown Broilers, all available 

October 5, Saturday— ___ ? White Cornish Cross Broilers

    ___ ? Broad-breasted Turkey (M or F)

November 2, Saturday— 

   ____ ? Brown Broiler

  ____ ? Heritage Turkey (M or F)

Please tell us 1)HOW MANY, 2)what kind, and the 3)Butcher DATE…as well as your 4)name and 5)PHONE #. etc…

1. Name

2. Phone #

3. Butcher Date Order  (Date determines the Chicken Breed—white or red broiler)  

4. Turkey:  white or heritage Turkey?  M or F  (Males are larger than Females)

5. How many of each kind

6. Do you want innards?—Liver, gizzard, heart

7.  Do you want the FEET (for broth)?

While we’d love to offer cut-up pieces of chicken meat, our hands and bodies get tired at the end of a butchering day. Fresh chickens can be kept on ice or inside a refrigerator up to 3 days before requiring freezing, so that gives you time to cut up what you’d like. [You may use our Farm Center table with knives and boards.]

We’d like you to pick up your poultry meat on the butcher date as we do not have refrigerators to keep them chilled.

Because Thanksgiving 2019 is November 28, we will not be butchering turkeys that late as water could be frozen and we work outdoors.  Thus, you’ll have to get that Thanksgiving turkey early and freeze it.  You have a choice of the white turkey or the heritage bird.  

For turkeys, please tell us if you want a BIG male or a smaller FEMALE bird.  We usually average ~ 20# turkeys although last year mine was 33#—wow! and was tender!



June 15—One Whole Beef Cow, ordered by quarters or halves.  If you and friend go together for a quarter, it’s fairly easy to divide 1/4 into two eights.

This BUTCHER gives us the BIG BONES.

September, October—Beef Cattle, all grass-finished.  Depending if you want BONES, determines which butcher and which date we choose for you.


1. Your Name

2. Your Phone #

3. SIZE:  quarter, half, or whole  [If ordering a Quarter, please share your preference—Roasts or Steaks so that we can match you up with person getting similar…)

4. What innards you want if any (liver, heart, tongue, one butcher gives us kidney, tail…however, each cow only has one tail—lol!)

5. Bones?  Y or N   These are the HUGE bones.  You might have to take an axe to them!  

6. Preferred Month ________ (June, September, October)

All Beef meat is hung a week or so, cut to your specification, vacuum-packed and frozen. 

For an extra fee, Butchers make ‘BEEF-HAM’ out of the ‘Round’.  [This is my new bacon! ]

We pick up the meat from the butcher for your convenience, as butchers tend to live far away, so we charge the butcher fee on your total price, which will be $5.50 / pound even though butcher fees increased 10-cents a pound, as we were able to get these feeder-calves cheaper than in 2016.  In 2019, we butcher the ones we got in 2017.  


We work within the weather and the seasons by butchering poultry in summer.  Turkeys take longer to raise than meat chickens (broilers).

And we try to butcher beef after they have consumed fresh grasses and herbs from our pasture. 

That’s the difference between a farm and a grocery store.


Twin Brook Camillus Farm exists to bring you healthy ’natural’ food from a sustainable friendly environment. We try to bring improvements of products year to year as we evaluate our service to you, to remain credible and reliable. Thanks for your feedback!

We’re glad that we finished constructing our house which was a little bit of a distraction from the farm last year.  Thanks for keeping our meats your product of choice.  We welcome your recommendations. 

Craig & Elaine Kennedy Twin Brook Camillus Farm


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