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Poultry Meat 2020

It’s that time of year when Farmers begin to see longer days and brighter sunshine, so we plan ahead for ordering chicks from hatcheries.

For this 2020 Summer, We are planning multiple orders of BROILER chicks and one order of TURKEY poults.

Following are possible Butcher DATES.  (Exact Butcher Date dependent on weather & other factors)

White Cornish Cross Broilers (large weights)—Week of June 22

Red Broiler (medium to large weights) —         Week of July 13

White Cornish Cross (large & small weights)—Week of August 17

(Also Red Broiler if enough volume desired)

White Cornish Cross (large weights)—      Week of September 14

TURKEYS— ‘FRESH’ for Thanksgiving —    Week of November 23

We’d like to know your ORDERS by DATE and require a deposit on any order of 10 or more with a CHECK to ’Twin Brook Camillus Farm, LLC'

[10—>$30 deposit / 15—>$45 deposit / 20—>$60 deposit (roughly 50% deposit)]

We’d like to know any order of even 1 chicken, as 1+1+1+1+1 quickly adds up.

Our Farm will also be offering PORK in November and ‘hopefully’ LAMB in December—Future updates on that!

Someone asked about Garden Products available.  I will be gardening 17 varieties of KALE this year.  We plant Pontiac potatoes and Craig loves to ‘hill’ potatoes.

Other than that, no Vegetable CSA’s.  Gardening is hard work for old bones.

Don’t forget to order your Chicken Meat now!  (text or e-mail your orders) 315-672-5741 or Please leave your name and phone # for us to reach you.



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