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Flavorful Poultry Meat from a Farm

2020 POULTRY MEAT Schedule

Twin Brook Camillus Farm, LLC

Broilers bought in summer will be $3.75/pound (with a ‘better bargain’ for orders over 10).

Large birds run 5#-6#-7#, and Smaller birds at 4#-5#, maybe even a 3.5#

Connect with us about ordering large quantity over 10.

Our Farm will store 50 or so chickens in our freezer for winter purchases, at $4.00/pound.

TURKEYS (Broad-Breasted) (November only-fresh) will be $5/#


BUTCHERING TIMES— reserve your order/s for surety of availability.

  1. Week of June 22-27 50 White Cornish Cross Broilers (large)—

  2. Week of July 13-18 50 Brown Broilers— (Only time we will have Brown Broilers)

3. Week of July 20-25 100 White Cornish Cross (both large and smaller)

4. Week of August 17-22 White Cornish Cross

5. Week of September 14-19 White Cornish Cross

6. November 23-25 TURKEYS — — Fresh for Thanksgiving [Stipulate Large or Med-small]

Large: 20#-25#-30#? Small-Medium: 15#-20# (a possible 12#???)


TO RESERVE your ORDER/S—(use below *’sample’) / Email to

  1. Give your NAME & Email Address

  2. Provide your Phone # (for contacting you when your order is ready for pick-up)

Tell if we can TEXT or CALL.

  1. List ‘Butcher’ DATE/S

  2. Tell Number of Birds and whether Large or Smaller

  3. Write ‘LIVER’ / ‘HEART’ / ‘GIZZARD’ / “FEET’ of what you want us to include in your order.

  4. Don’t forget to Order your TURKEY for Thanksgiving! (Give SIZE—Large or Med-small)


*Sample ORDER— (you may copy & paste and change the information etc…)

Email to

a. Elaine Kennedy

b. 315-672-5741 (Text / Call)

June 22-27— 5 White

July 13-16— 5 Red

July 20-25— 5 Small / 2 Large

August 17-22— 15 White

September 14-19— none e. LIVER / HEART / No Gizzard / Feet

November 23-25—1 LARGE Turkey (or Medium) LIVER / HEART / GIZZARD / Feet


Our Farm has invited Christopher Burns to manage the Poultry Enterprise, with our assistance, so we are anticipating more fresh chicken meat this summer.

BROILERS—Summer is the only time we raise broilers because of pasturing them on grass, so this it the time to fill your freezer for the winter.

Birds are Ranged/Pastured on non-chemical grass, No Vaccines, No Antibiotics.

Grass helps birds remove toxins from their meat and higher in Omega-3.

Summer Sunshine boosts their Vitamins A & D.

No water injected into the meat (as in supermarket birds)

All Natural Feed (non-GMO)

Birds are sold WHOLE and fresh. State if you want liver, heart, gizzard, feet of your bird.

*It’s possible to make 3 meals out of one chicken—see Recipes on following pages.

I will make a CHART for your orders so that I don’t get confused with all these details.

Plus, I will email you to confirm your order so that you can ‘check’ to see if I messed up.

On orders, first come, first served. We will tell you what order/s cannot be filled if overbooked.

We hope you have a Happy Spring while preparing for your Summer BBQ and winter birds.

'Twin Brook’ is here for you to ‘BUY LOCAL’ and Enjoy Healthy Fresh Food from the Farm.


Three Meals out of One WHOLE Chicken (or Turkey)—

  1. Roast Whole Bird or Cut-up into Breasts, Thighs, Legs, Wings

(Many wings frozen in one bag is great for that ‘Football’ Season)

(If cut up, boil Carcass and Neck etc…for BROTH

>If Roasted, Remove meat from Bones (while someone else clears table and does dishes)

>Boil Bones for BROTH (add 1 T apple cider vinegar to remove more nutrients from the bones). [Broth can be strained & frozen]

2. Use small pieces of meat (from ribs, neck, etc) — [This meat can be frozen for later]

>Add to Soup

>Blend (or FoodProcess) 1 cup meat with 1 Avocado, 3 T Cilantro, 2-3T Lime juice

Makes a lovely DIP /or/ Spread on WRAP and have for LUNCH

3. Use for Larger Pieces of Meat—

>Sandwiches or Wraps / Chicken Slices with Mashed Potato Dinner

>Cube Meat for 1.Fajitas /2.Chicken Pizza w-Chili Sauce /3.Casserole (Chicken Alfredo)



Chicken (or Turkey) Fajitas— (Burrito Shells, warmed)

Cubed Chicken / Seasoning

(a packet or chili pdr/salt/paprika/onion-garlic pdr/cayenne pepper/cumin)

Saute in Oil—1 Large Onion & 1 Large Green Pepper, cut into strips; Remove from Pan

Additional Oil—Lightly brown chicken with seasonings.

SERVE with options: Shredded cheddar cheese / Salsa / Sour Cream / Jalapeños /

Hot Sauce


Chicken (or Turkey) Alfredo

w/ 1# Penne noodles (Boil & Drain) or Rice

Steam 2 Large Broccoli Heads, 1/2” florets

Cubed Chicken lightly browned in oil

Add Steamed Broccoli Florets

Add jarred *Alfredo sauce (or make your own)

Serve over Noodles or Rice

Optional: Italian Bread or Canned Biscuits (Baked according to directions)

*Alfredo Sauce:

Melt 1/4 cup Butter in medium saucepan over medium heat

Add 1 cup Heavy Cream, Simmer 5 minutes

Add 1 Clove Crushed Garlic & 1 1/2 Cup Freshly grated Parmesan Cheese

Whisk Quickly and Heat through

Stir in 1/4 Cup chopped Fresh Parsley

Add the Cubed Chicken and Broccoli Florets



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