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Convenience, for me, is going to my freezer and choosing a piece of meat for next days’ meal rather than driving to the grocery store. That’s how I like my beef.

These Angus, both Red Angus and Black Angus, are beautiful animals. Their bone and muscle structure are fully developed.

To get marbling of the meat from completely grass-fed cattle, for 4-6 weeks we offer them annuals of high-carbohydrate greens, mostly brassica and millet greens. No grain—ever!

Cattle are herbivores so their digestion was not designed for grain. Grain messes with the animal fats, decreasing the good Omega-3’s and increasing the bad Omega-4’s which are bad for the heart, high cholesterol etc.

Heart-healthy beef completely grass-fed / grass-finished is available from our Twin Brook Camillus Farm, and these two animals are waiting for your order.

Get 1/4 beef (which is a split half) for $5.50/lb, or 1/2 beef for $5.25/lb, or the whole for $5.00/lb. Call Craig @ 315-380-8001 or email to confirm your order for this August butchering. More cattle available in September-October.

A quarter beef-cow that fills a small chest freezer is good for a small young family for just a little more than $1000. That’s good for a year!

Green grass helps the environment by trapping carbon dioxide, thus cattle in the field provide nutrients for a healthy soil without chemicals or fertilizers. Help the planet by choosing grass-fed beef.

Grab a friend who likes the same healthy diet as you, and go together to buy a cow. And don’t forget to ‘Buy Local!’


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