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Be Ready for Surprises

We have a beef at the butcher and we thought we had four customers for the quarters. Surprise! One is still considering. The next day, a long-time customer said she wants a quarter. Problem solved! Both of these were surprises to us, changes in life.

We have a son and family who evacuated from one country to another. In their attempt to get to Country #2, that country closed its doors to foreigners. Surprise! After canceling a flight and their AirB&B, they headed to Country #3 where they got a bigger AirB&B for less money. And that one had a swimming pool and free breakfast, and now the host is carrying in more meals to them, which is helpful when they couldn't find chicken or beef on store shelves. Not all that we plan is the best. Sometimes the 'surprises' are better.

We butchered one USDA beef last year. Business was slow this winter until COVID-19's panic-buying emptied shelves in USA. Surprise! We've had lots of customers buying beef these past weeks, even two state troopers stopped in to take home beef for their families. If we hadn't done this USDA, we'd have lost out.

Not all surprises are good. Craig learned he had an artery genetic condition that ended him up in a hospital getting a stent. The doctor told him that it's good he listened to his body, because there were few if any real symptoms. He's back to normal work and feels great. We're thankful that this surprise ended up with a good ending.

We've all had surprises these past days and months. Watch for the good things to happen and Be thankful!


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