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Red Raspberry, Fall & Ever-bearing

Three years ago we planted two short rows of red raspberries in our orchard. The first year we got 1 gallon. Last year we got more than 10 gallons that we shared with our family from China. But our family won't be here for this entire season of berries, so, we will sell you delicious Fall Raspberries that have absolutely no chemicals, other than the garlic planted alongside them. Don't worry, the berries do not taste like garlic!

Each late-afternoon, I will place a quart or so of red raspberries inside the little refrigerator in the Farm Center and hope that you will be the lucky person who finds them there. We will sell them for $4 a quart, which is a little less than $3 a pound. I will only pick ripe ones, not orange ones, and I can guarantee that they are sweet.

These Fall Raspberries are just now coming on and there are hundreds waiting in the bushes for maturing and for eating. Since they are Ever-Bearing, the bushes will continue to bear fruit until we get a frost.

Since we don't have an over-abundance of berries, we can't offer these to the general public, but we're offering them to our customers who desire fruit without herbicides or any other '-cides'. If you'd like to de-stress some afternoon, please let us know and we can allow you to pick your own.

One way to keep your berries over-winter is to spread them out on a cookie-sheet and place them into the freezer for an hour or so, then after they are frozen solid, slide them into a zip-lock bag. This procedure will keep the berries from freezing together in one big blob, so that you can scoop just a few into the blender for a winter Smoothie. I was sharing this procedure with the lady at the paint store and she had never heard about doing it this way, and maybe you hadn't either, so that's why I share it.

Come on over; Be the lucky one who finds a quart of Fall Red Raspberries in the Frig.

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