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Not a Spring Chicken Anymore?

We've all heard the saying "I'm not a Spring Chicken Anymore." This summer has definitely proven that for me. After butchering 63 broilers in a 12-hour period, I literally crashed physically the following day. Then I started painting in our new house, and there are times of extreme exhaustion. I think my worse days are when I 'gopher' for the construction crew, trying to find what it is they want.

While working in the new house, I've let the farm work slide. So the eggs in feed buckets needed to be boxed up, but broken ones on the bottom of the bucket were festering in with the feed. Not a nicely scented time! And the weeds in the garden have totally overtaken the garden except for what I had weeded earlier on.

So one day this week, I set about rectifying the egg issue and emptied all the buckets of eggs. Some went to the dog, and we are starting fresh. I hope to keep on top of things in the future.

The turkeys have proven to be difficult to raise, for they don't go into their pen at night but need to be chased (or carried) in. As a result, we lost 9 turkeys to predators or to the wild. The 11 remaining turkeys have finally learned to go in at night when I call "Chirp! Chirp! Chirp!" Turkeys love foraging and easily stray far away.

I shall not stray away, but sometimes I feel as though I will waste away. When the house is finished, we will take a 'Staycation' while continuing the farm work. We will assess what products to continue and what products to cut back on and how to do better marketing. For 'I am not a spring chicken anymore.'

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