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Twin Brook Farm Update Summer 2018

Greetings from our farm!

It’s a busy summer with 17 existing beef cattle, over 100 hens averaging over 100 eggs per day, then adding 100+ broiler chicken meat birds about 2 months ago, then adding 21 baby poults (turkeys) a week ago.

Our meat birds eat grass as well as natural feed, and the grass detoxifies the meat.

We still have meat birds available for your freezer (or grill!), and the White Cornish Cross will be ready on June 30 and the Red Broiler on July 28. And the Turkeys on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

The white broiler has bigger breasts than the red ones; some people think the red birds have sweeter meat. My taste test says the meat taste is based on how they are raised and not necessarily the breed.

If you’d like to order meat birds, we still have 17 White ones left for sale @ $3.50 per pound plus a small butchering fee per bird. Average weight is 4-6 pounds (depending on the bird).

We still have 30 Red Broilers for sale, same price. And we have 14 Turkeys unspoken for. We hope to do a better job of butchering the turkeys this year as some of them still had the crawl inside the neck last year.

We raise healthy meat and eggs for our local community of customers looking for good products. We take pride and care in our product.


PS—We can receive text messages.

N. Craig and Elaine Kennedy

Craig (315-380-8001)

Elaine (315-672-5741)

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